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​In relationship with the customer, Z Partner's team represents a flexible and lean approach to his requirements and the entire project. Simply, we follow Manifesto for Agile Software Development. This will assure that:

Our developers are working following the rules of importance of 

individuals and interactions. All projects are performed by daily collaboration.

To succeed, testers need to be flexible and able to adapt to moving targets. 
Agility is the ability to be able to get feedback and respond to change.

Insight into all of our projects is given at every stage.
Implementing amendments is permitted even in late development.

We build client relationships on trust. We are 100% focused on our customer 

to make him fully satisfied with his project, that he receive fully tailor-made product.

Process of work

1. Analysis

The first step in planning your product is figuring out which of your business processes you would like to improve. Think about which parts of your workday are inefficient or difficult. Consultation is aimed at identifying your business goals and personal needs, then designing accurate vision of the solution to meet your expectations.

2. Implementation

This is what happens when we start working on your ideas. The whole process is based on repeated action approach. We create individualized packages/sprints until your product is finished. Each sprint usually lasts 2-4 weeks. You may define the content of each sprint and run as many cycles as needed.

Zoho Scrum

3. Training and user support

We focus on effective solutions. Our offer includes internal workshops in the form of lecture or dialogue to complete your Zoho expertise and allow to supplement the missing components of your software. Our team will help you optimise your Zoho license and approaches to create additional facilities. Specialists are available 8 hours per day in the European Time Zone.

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