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Creating Web Forms for Zoho CRM

Creating Web Forms for Zoho CRM

Integrating CRM with website is good for business. It means less time spent manually entering customer details into your CRM from multiple inlets and more leads generated than ever before.

Get the opportunity to generate valuable leads via Web Forms, directly transferred into your CRM database. All the information that you required can be made as custom fields integrated with modules in Zoho CRM, in order to collect the data in one place. For example, the CRM could use the customer's location, industry, referenced product, etc as factors in determining the correct department or staff member to direct the query to.

In this service you gain creating a Web Form accordingly to your needs, connecting with with fields in Zoho CRM and also embedding it on your website. You need to give us an access to your CMS and Zoho CRM and you'll get integration in short time.

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The price includes one day of developer work. The time devoted to the development is dependent on the scope of works and customer's requirements. In case of exceeding one day of work, the additional hours will be accounted on the basis of Agile Software Development Contract.
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