ZOHO Implementation & Development Services

Let us put our expertise to get the job done. Use Zoho's full potential!

CRM Security 

Data protection is important. Our team can set role-based security data sharing settings for each role in your CRM. 
We can set processes like:
  • Configuring organizational settings, company details, fiscal year, etc.
  • Managing data security by assigning roles and profile permissions.
  • Data administration.
  • Setting up and managing different territories for your organization.
  • Creating profiles, roles and define data sharing settings.

Zoho CRM Process Automation: Workflow Development

Take the advantage of reducing manual work. For most businesses, following up with a new lead is as important as generating a new one. For instance, when new leads are being added to your CRM, you would like to follow-up with them by sending them a welcome email. Assignment of new leads is also crucial.

Workflow helps you automate such processes and save your employees time. We can assist you in creating a set fo rules that have to be executed after the specific conditions are met.

Zoho CRM Custom Reports Development

Reports in Zoho CRM can help you with the proper analysis of various company processes. While you are busy calculating and assigning the sales target for your team, it is always helpful to go back and analyze what brought more deals to a closure. Regardless of report type, we can help you empower the processes within your company by easy insight into your business outcomes.

Describe us your individual requirements in order to get a time estimated for creating your tailor reports.

Web Forms in Zoho CRM

Integrating CRM with website is good for business. It means less time spent manually entering customer details into your CRM from multiple inlets and more leads generated than ever before.
Get the opportunity to generate valuable leads via Web Forms, directly transferred into your CRM database. All the information that you required can be made as custom fields integrated with modules in Zoho CRM, in order to collect the data in one place. 

In this service you gain creating a Web Form accordingly to your needs, connecting with with fields in Zoho CRM and also embedding it on your website. You need to give us an access to your CMS and Zoho CRM and you'll get integration in short time.

Zoho CRM Blueprint Development

Blueprint is a tool which guides your team through every stage of the sales cycle, in order to make sure they follow your company’s processes.

Automated number of routine tasks such as sending emails or updating information may be crucial for improving your sales performance. Our team will help you prepare the list of the specific conditions for automated tasks or will work on your requirements.

Zoho Mail Setup 

Zoho Mail is a great mail service for business needs. It got an instant chat, calendar, tasks, notes, control panel, multiply email addresses and is perfectly integrated with your CRM. 

We will help you to create a custom domain email for your business, unique and professional email addresses for your employees with your company domain. Integrate it with your CRM and other Zoho apps (if needed), configure data access settings, creating templates and automation.

Our experience in software development allows for building custom facilities, designed to collect important data, to manage workflows or configure settings, all of them are aimed at streamline the processes as well as driving your business. Each project is tailor-made and customized to personal needs. Therefore, collaboration with us is constant, you can provide changes at any stage of the project. The goal is to create a product, which exactly meets your expectations. All services we offer are performed on Zoho Systems.