ZPartner Support Plans

To meet the expectations of our customers, we have developed two levels of service care. We encourage you to read the detailed description. Below we leave answers to the most common questions of our customers. 
Z Partner offers its customers the highest standard of post-implementation care. Users of Zoho systems can count on the assistance of our consultants. We ensure the possibility of ongoing contact with our team. 
Trust ZPartner's 15 years of experience! We have already helped many companies from different industries.
Technical support is available on weekdays from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Premium service care package requests are handled first. 
Z Partner 
Z Partner 
 Access to knowledge base and FAQs
  Optimization and advice on licensing
Access to the help center - 
User forum
 Software support
  Help with configuration, technical issues
Individual Service by Email 
  Contact via Zoho Meeting
 Service by phone 
  Troubleshooting on your system
Remote connections - Zoho Assist
Optimization, creation and implementation of
New Functionalities on behalf of the client
 Dedicated Account Manager
Maximum response time - critical priority errorIn order of priority - lower priorityPriority to 48 h
Launching new products

Licenses covered by the serviceAll paid licenses
All paid licenses
 Allowed payment for the serviceFor all those paying for licenses
Contact the Sales Department
Z Partner's service support brings essential assistance to the business in the operation of the workflow. Timeliness and speed of work in undertaken business activities without experienced Z Partner technical support is a potential threat to gaining further benefits in the developed business model. 
Given the extensive and advanced functionality of the ZOHO Application, to solve technical problems on your own (without service support) is to expose your company to additional costs at your own request. 
We make it easier to meet the ever-increasing demands arising from various market trends. Zoho also places a very strong emphasis on the best security systems, including multi-layer firewall protection. This way, your data remains private and protected from breaches.
Our experienced Service Team is at your service. 
Z Partner provides advice on the use of the application, the right license, places in the system documentation that will allow the customer to perform the expected change in the way Zoho application works.