Zoho CRM audit:
an instrument for enhancing work efficiency and driving sales growth.

A CRM audit provides you with the opportunity to assess how your business utilizes ZOHO CRM, examining both the automations you have implemented and your customer management practices.

Through a thorough audit, you can optimize your CRM usage by identifying and addressing data gaps and eliminating time-consuming and resource-wasting processes. This ensures that you make the most of your CRM platform and improve overall efficiency in managing your customers.
Is your CRM working  flawlessly?

Both small businesses and large companies are adopting CRM solutions for customer relationship management to enhance the efficiency and profitability of their operations.

However, after some time since implementation, it becomes essential to conduct an audit to ensure that your CRM system is fully utilizing its capabilities to the maximum extent

Answer these simple questions about your current state of ZOHO CRM:

  • Does it enhance workflows for your team?
  • Does it improve the quality of service your company provides?
  • Does it generate more profits?
  • Do you feel like adopting CRM was a bad move and a waste of money? money to go for CRM?

The audit identifies errors in CRM usage, as well as issues with the quality of captured data. Most importantly, it uncovers potential compliance issues with defined processes.

Our Audit team is equipped to rectify these errors and ensure smooth functioning.

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What will you receive as part of the CRM audit?

The CRM audit involves a dedicated ZPartner team that will analyze CRM usage statistics and hold discussions with key users on your side.

The first step is an analytical meeting. During this meeting, our team will gather information about the company's current strategy, information flow, main and indirect business needs, as well as functional and informational requirements for the implementation of business processes.

Technical review of the CRM application

During this process we will:

  • Verify security settings (roles, profiles, access to products, modules, etc.);
  • Review modules (leads, contacts, companies, and 2 additional modules selected by you);
  • Check relationships between modules (ensuring appropriate data flow and updates, e.g., whether sales orders download contractor data, etc.);
  • Perform a code review of custom functions;
  • Ensure that the CRM does not contain redundant features and that workflow settings work smoothly.

Software license audit

  • We will check the usage of existing licenses. Thanks to this you will ensure that you are making optimal use of all possible functions.
  • We will help you decide is it worth staying on the current version of the system, or is it better to choose a bundle or purchase additional applications or upgrade current modules?
  • Are there so-called "empty licenses"? The ones that you pay for and no one uses them?

Sales process overview.

As part of the overview, we will analyze the following:

  • Forms on the website, sources of leads, and lead conversion scheme;

  • E-mail templates and product catalogs;

  • Sales opportunities and offers module.

Additionally, we will set up the main page of the CRM application and optimize the timeliness of reports and dashboards to align with the current optimized sales process.

How to Conduct a CRM Audit Effectively?

How to Conduct a CRM Audit Effectively?

The primary objectives of the audit are:
  • Reviewing the achievement of goals in alignment with the software settings.
  • Analyzing the organization's business processes to assess their alignment with the CRM concept and identifying areas that require modification.

The audit will enable you to determine the areas in customer service where you can enhance your operations and the benefits that can be attained through the implementation of improvements.

Furthermore, the CRM audit will address whether the actions already taken by the client in CRM IT implementation cover all relevant aspects from the perspective of industry standards.

The outcome of the audit will be a summary of the analysis findings and recommendations for future actions, including potential implementations with other ZOHO products.

What information do we need before the meeting to review the account?
  • description of the business model;
  • system access on a Super Admin level;
  • Before starting the activities, we sign an NDA document;
  • The duration of the audit is 4-5 working days.

How will you improve the quality of work in your company thanks to a CRM audit?

Your CRM software should be a core tool that helps your team not another troublesome duty they have to do. 

Therefore a well-executed audit:
  • helps team leaders and managers get the most out of the CRM platform;
  • simplifies sales management and reduces friction between sales representatives and sales managers;
  • changes the organization's approach from a person-oriented to a process-oriented organization;
  • increases employee efficiency by automating tasks and organizing information;
  • helps managers discover new possibilities of CRM tools;
  • brings an increase in profitability, efficiency and transparency;
  • removes unnecessary data entry and duplication of work;
  • reduces stress in the relationship between employees and top management, ensuring transparency of data and work;
  • by facilitating many processes, it increases the satisfaction of the organization's customers.

In addition, properly categorized data can be beneficial for the sales and marketing teams who can then use them for marketing and social media activities.
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Performing a periodic CRM audit is essential to verify that your CRM strategy is delivering the expected results.