Terms and conditions

These conditions are applicable to services provided by Z Partner Co. Ltd. hereinafter ”provider”, headquarters in Warsaw ul. Ostródzka 86h under the number KRS 630914, VAT identification number PL5242806376

The subject matter of the contract is Technical Support, Consulting services and Zoho Extensions, that is IT service concerning Zoho applications used by customer. 

The use of ZPartner services is subject to the following terms and conditions. Using ZPartner constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions. 

Services and products included 

 Z Partner products and service includes: 

1. Support in Zoho systems development.

2. Solving problems occurring in the system within Zoho functionalities, system operating and implementation.

3. Technical advice concerning Zoho applications configuration and functionalities.

4. Special support for admins in users management.

5. Optimising Zoho licenses.

6. Support in automatization of sales processes, reporting, process management, security settings, integration and mobile application.

7. Implementation of additional Zoho systems, upon customer request (for instance, reports or workflows).

8. Providing required changes in application and support by phone or connection by remote session. 

9. Technical Support is available from Monday until Friday from 8.00 AM to 4.00 PM ( in European Time Zone GMT+1).

10. System analysis and cost estimation for Zoho licenses.

11. Extensions for Zoho CRM.

12. Zoho development services.


Terms of provision 


  1. Technical Support is activated after signing the Offer and regulating the payment, specified individually. The day of receiving the payment is the day of activation.

  2. In a case of unavailability of employees required in the Technical Support session, the meeting should be booked in term convenient for both parties.

  3. Services included in subscription are provided with a monthly limit.

  4. The smallest and basic account unit is each started half an hour of work. The workload will be calculated according to the schema: from 1 minute to 30 minutes -> half an hour, from 30 minutes to 60 minutes -> one hour. 

  5. Unused hours are not transferred to the next month. In a case of use the package of hours, each following hour of work costs 45 (developer). At the end of the calendar month the customer gets the works report, detailing the prices and number of hours worked. 

  6. The current usage of hours worked may be checked by contact with developer or during support session. 

  7. Customer has the right to terminate the contract before the end of its effective period but without a refund for unused hours in Technical Support. 


Terms of payment 



  1. The fee for Technical Support is equal to 20% value of the purchased Zoho licenses. Payment for the service cannot be less than 80 for one company in a month.

  2. The fee for Technical Support is required at the beginning of every payment period. The day of payment is the day of service activation. 

  3. Technical Support is settled in monthly periods. 

  4. Payment for Technical Support means the acceptance of Terms and Conditions of Technical Support.

  5. The contract is concluded for an indefinite time. Both parties may terminate the contract within 30 days' notice for any reason.



  1. Customer authorizes provider for invoicing without requiring customer’s signature, with 7 days payment term.

  2. Customer agrees on issuing interest notes for outstanding commitments after the final permissible date of payments.



  1. Z Partner has the right to provide changes in Terms and Conditions of Technical Support.

  2. Customer consent to the use of the company logo by contract holders.

  3. Customer undertakes not to submit individual job offers to contractor's employees.

  4. Any additional information on cooperation with Z Partner Ltd. will be provided by Customer Service. 

Questions about the Terms and Conditions should be sent to info@zpartner.org