Integration of Zoho CRM and 
Zoho Flow with external systems

Discover the history of the company that has benefited from 15 years of experience of ZPartner team as a Zoho Partner. The company specializes in enabling electronic document signing, online identity verification and digital document transfer.


Customer needed tools that would enable easy and quick generation of documents for a given contact in the database, and then sending them to a specific recipient in the client's company. Our 15 years of experience in carrying out similar tasks resulted in the idea of integrating Zoho CRM and Zoho Flow with external systems. This turned out to be the perfect solution.


Our project team, which knows all aspects of the Zoho system, completed the tasks efficiently and within the specified time. The needs and requirements set out clearly by the company as well as specific feedback during daily meetings turned out to be extremely valuable.

We appreciated the cooperation during which the client knew from the beginning what he wanted and what result he was aiming for. Joint commitment helped to complete the entire project on time.

The effect of systematic activities and well-chosen tools was the complete satisfaction of the Customer needs.  The integration took the burden of many technical aspects off the company. Employees received a product that generates documents sent for signature by Stakeholders with one click. Automation gave them the opportunity to download signed documents with the appropriate certificate.

Effects of implementation and benefits

After going through the entire procedure, the finished documents are assigned to the appropriate contract in Zoho CRM. The whole process does not require the intervention of intermediaries. Only Signing Parties are active.

ZPartner, as a Premium Partner of Zoho, has been providing value and solutions for Polish and foreign companies for 15 years.

Regardless of the type and complexity of requirements, we streamline complex technological processes in companies. We implement integrations and automations using Zoho tools, thanks to which companies can operate more efficiently and successfully on the market, gain more customers and scale their businesses.

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