Osborne Engineering Ltd 

Osborne Engineering Ltd (OEL) was founded in 1984 and specializes in the manufacture and repair of all types of bearing alloy ("white metal") components. Our dedication to detail and manufacturing excellence ensure exceptional quality and accuracy.

Based on factories in Great Britain, Poland and the United Arab Emirates, OEL operates on five continents, cooperating with Basic Equipment Manufacturers, Service Companies and Users in the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Energy industries.


Before the implementation of Zoho, the company did not have access to the CRM system, which would collect customer data broken down into individual locations (OEL Sp.z o.o. is based in 5 countries). The challenge was also to obtain more information on the leads and to separate them depending on the source from which they come.

Another problem faced by the company were non-transparent sales reports and the inability to adapt them to the individual needs of the company. So far, reports and analyzes have been created in a spreadsheet. Salesmen working in the field had difficult access to the calendar of meetings and registration of orders. And the sales director could not see in real time what his employees are currently doing.


Implementation of ZOHO CRM to Osborne Engineering Ltd Sp. z o.o. enabled better management of the sales path. From then on, sellers were provided with the necessary information about leads and automatic categorization according to the region they come from. Leads are assigned to appropriate employees, with the possibility of planning sales actions. Reports previously created in a spreadsheet were transferred to Zoho Reports, where they gained their unique character, tailored to the company's needs.

In order to improve the sales processes at Osborne Engineering Sp. z o.o., our team has created the "Weekly Sales Report" application in Zoho Creator, also available in mobile form for sales representatives working in the field. It solved the current problem of difficult reporting of sales activities by traders working outside the office. Allows you to enter and record appointments and orders anywhere. Thanks to the integration with the database, all information is automatically transferred to Zoho CRM, thanks to which sales managers can control the sales process on an ongoing basis, and salespeople save time thanks to a simplified data entry interface. The functionality of the application allows you to enter meetings for the current week, complete the calendar for the next week and a summary of orders collected during the week.

Effects of implementing Zoho

By obtaining more detailed information on leads, salespeople can plan the sales process with greater accuracy. They also save time searching for lead information. Thus, the efficiency of sales improved, the customer service process became strictly refined thanks to the consistent database of Zoho CRM.
Integration within the company and the flow of individual data have also improved. Field salesmen have gained valuable time with the "Weekly Sales Report" app. With the application, this process is much faster and more efficient, and thanks to the integration with the database, the sales director can keep track of orders placed and reports on meetings in real time.


  • Zoho integration with other Zoho apps and external apps
  • Zoho CRM
  • Zoho Creator
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