Empik Group is one of the leaders of digital transformation in Poland. For over 70 years, Empik has been a leading lifestyle brand, with 300 Empik and Papiernik by Empik stores, and one of the 3 largest e-commerce platforms in Poland. The Empik Group is also a leader in the distribution of digital content (Empik Go, Virtualo, e-Muzyka, Empik Music).

The company had difficulties in storing and managing a database of contacts and accounts. This had a negative impact on the correct analysis of company activities and effects, as well as on the incorrect categorization of customers and standardization in their service. Additionally, the company needed a tool to handle and manage customer notifications. So that the system organizing the tickets allows the support team to shorten the response time and properly organize the correspondence. This would solve the problem of lost requests and communication chaos.


  • We have set up a CRM that the company uses as a customer database and analysis tool and for assigning tasks to account managers.
  • We have integrated the company's external system with CRM using the API, which allows us to collect more data about customers.
  • We configured DESK and integrated it with CRM, which positively influenced the smooth handling of notifications and made it possible to assign tickets (i.e. e-mail notifications sent through the Desk application) to the right people in the company.


With the help of implemented solutions with the use of Zoho CRM and Desk, we were able to solve the company's previous problems. Thanks to the transparent structure of handling tickets (applications), Empik customers receive answers faster. In turn, employees can add e-mail templates, forms, measure customer satisfaction and automate routine activities. CRM and Desk systems integrate efficiently, which allows the sales department to be up to date. The method of reporting data and statistics for the company's management has also improved significantly.

  • Zoho CRM
  • Zoho Desk

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