MW Spedition

A forwarding company with many years of experience that deals with transport of goods in Poland, Germany, Belgium, France, Austria, the Netherlands and Switzerland. The company has a large base of principals and carriers, and its nature of work is to smoothly organize transport and process large amounts of data contained in specific industry and accounting documentation.


The transport market places more and more demands on forwarders. What counts is precision, work flow and flexibility related to the adaptation of services to the needs of the market. Due to the activity on many Polish and foreign markets, the procedures within individual orders may differ significantly. It results from internal, domestic, intra-community or export-import agreements. The company prepares many variants of offers calculated on the basis of variable exchange rates, which makes controlling the margin on orders quite a challenge.
Also of great importance is the efficient exchange of information between departments and employees, which affects the effectiveness and efficiency of work. Thus, the most important challenges that the company must meet are:
  • order records,
  • collecting data about contractors (principals) and carriers and creating a database,
  • bookkeeping with automatic updating of the Euro exchange rate and collective sending of transfers,
  • automatic preparation of collective correspondence smooth communication between employees and branches.


Based on the presented characteristics of the industry and the challenges and problems identified by the company, we have prepared individual solutions for it.
The first stage of changes included the creation of modules for keeping accounting documents (invoices, cost documents and debit notes). Additionally, we connected the system with the bank to download the current NBP exchange rate and created a separate module for corrections of accounting documents. The creation of the module included all documents prepared for printing and shipping on a given day. At this stage, we also proposed connecting clients, i.e. people who need to transport some goods with carriers.

The next step was CRM personalization, including:

∙ Creating transfer packages to speed up and streamline the work of accounting. The customer wanted to quickly select several invoices with one click and generate a ready package for loading and sending to the bank.
∙ Designing a module that will allow you to create an order with multiple route points, generate a template for this order and add conditions.
∙ Possibility to check the trade credit.
∙ Integration of CRM with e-mail. Thanks to this, the generation and sending of invoices, cost documents and debit notes can be made immediately from the order with one button.
∙ Creation of a functionality for settling compensations.
∙ Create xsl files that are imported into the bank.
∙ Widget (add-on) in CRM that settles transfers (from the oldest invoice).

In the next stage, thanks to the Creator and CRM functions, we created an application for finding carriers for the company, which is to enable a quick search for available carriers based on route and date. It also has the option of sending offers to carriers. A function has also been added to CRM that converts a numerical amount into a verbal amount and a file generator with transfers.

Effects of implementation and benefits

The introduced solutions have brought the company many benefits and automated key processes related to the organization of documentation and communication with carriers. Increasing the efficiency of work, both in teams dealing with office and accounting documentation as well as in customer-carrier relations. An easy-to-use CRM that automated many processes for generating and sending documents. Automation in converting currency documents at the current exchange rate. All data in one place, which helps in the organization of contacts, guarantees that the data is up-to-date, efficient information exchange and correspondence planning. Better efficiency and smooth operation of carriers.



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